We are very excited to announce the arrival of two new special cheeses of the month! From next week we will be adding to our list of delicious cheeses the Kaltbach Creamy and the Peyrigoux.

The Kaltbach Creamy is a semi-soft cheese from Switzerland with a natural black-brown rind, which is cave-aged in Kaltbach. A lovely subtle, balanced, aromatic cheese, not too tangy with a melt in the mouth texture.

The Peyrigoux chalky in texture is a salty, gentle and creamy cheese very fresh on the palate. A real treat when paired with our Viognier well-balanced not too dry white wine with a seductively aromatic flavour of apricots and peaches.


Here attached you can also find suggestions for cheese and wine pairings. If you want to try something different or mix up your board tastings why not give our downloadable PDFs a try? Just click the links to open the files!

Cheese and Wine BBQ

Cheese and Wine Pairings 2018