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Gordon’s Wine Bar is not only famous for its extensive list of great wines but also for its fantastic cheese selection. With over twenty cheeses to choose from you will be truly spoilt for choice!

Served from 12.00 – 9.30 p.m.

All Cheese boards come with bread, butter and pickles.

1 cheese slice £7.00, 2 cheese slices £12.00 or 3 cheese slices £17.00

(v) – vegetarian; (u) – unpasteurised

Cheese Selection:

Brie (v)
FRANCE. A mild, soft cheese. A timeless classic and a Gordon’s favourite.
Wine Pairing: this mild cheese will pair heavenly with the fruity Andes Peak Chardonnay.

FRANCE. Goat cheese, soft with a tarty flavour.
Wine Pairing: a tip from our lovely lady behind the cheese counter: add bubbles to goat cheese – Anna de Codorniu Cava.

LANCASHIRE, UK. Strong, mature cheddar with a hard, black wax coating which gives it a buttery and creamy consistency.

ITALY. This medium, soft cheese has a pungent aroma yet is surprisingly medium to mild in strength.
Wine Pairing: The creamy, smooth texture pairs well with our blue bottle Riesling.

Smoked Goat
FRANCE. Smooth texture cheese with a delicate flavor and a smoked after taste.

NETHERLANDS. Young, mild and creamy cheese, medium-hard in consistency.
Wine Pairing: goes down beautifully with our Pinot Grigio.

Smoked Comté (u)
FRANCE. The classic Comté taste, of a balance of brown-butter and roasted-nut aromas and a sweet finish, with a smoked twist.

Mature Cheddar (v)
CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK. From Croxton Manor this full flavour mature cheddar is a staple cheese on our wooden plates.

Wookey Hole Hard Goat
SOMERSET, UK. Cave aged to the recipe of cheddar it is a firm, savoury cheese with a ‘hint’ of goat.
Wine Pairing: made to be savoured along with the fruity Touraine Sauvignon Les Eglantines.

Gruyère (u)
SWITZERLAND. A sweet yet salty hard cheese with a distinctive but subtle taste.

Stilton (v)
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, UK. Classic English blue cheese, it has a very strong, slightly acidic flavour and a crumbly texture.
Wine Pairing: for a truly decadent experience why not pair it with Port?

ITALY. A milder and creamier version of the Stilton this blue is exceptionally indulgent.

Manchego (u)
SPAIN. Sheep cheese from La Mancha region. Compact and dry in consistency with a distinct, sharp taste.
Wine Pairing: try it with our Tempranillo for a Quixotic experience.

FRANCE. Mild, soft and creamy with a slightly more aged flavour than Brie, another popular choice.
Wine Pairing: best enjoyed with a Cabernet Sauvignon, we recommend the Lebanon Red.

Saint Nectaire
FRANCE. Dense and silky texture with a nutty aroma and a semi-hard, pâte like consistency.

Swiss Tomme
SWITZERLAND. A very smooth, semi-soft cheese with a river water washed rind.
Wine Pairing: why not treat yourself all the way with an equally smooth wine such as the Chateau Hautes Graves d’Arthus Grand Cru.

Isle of Avalon
SURREY, UK. Sticky fingers are a must with this strong, smelly meaty soft cheese. The process begins with a Port Salut, which is then washed in wine at James Aldridge’s dairy in Godstone. One of those rare instances of British gooeiness.

We offer a wide range of homemade cold plates, including our best kept secret recipe for Pork Pie and Scotch Eggs!

Available from 12.00 – 10.00 p.m.

Pork Pie Salad • £9.50

Poached Salmon Salad • £9.50

Smoked Salmon Salad • £9.00

Roast Beef Salad • £9.50

Scotch Egg Salad • 8.50

Parma Ham* and Bread • £8.50

Pâté and Bread • £8.50

Organic Cured Pork Sausage* and Bread • £8.50

Peppers Stuffed with Feta Cheese* and Bread • £5.50

Houmous* and Bread • £5.50

Cold plates are served with salad unless marked *

*Served with bread and pickles

Salad Bowl • £5.20

Extra Portion of Bread • £1.20

PHONE:  0207 930 1408