After years of deliberation we are really excited to announce the imminent arrival of our own label wine! Much time, talk and of course tasting has gone into finding two great wines to carry our special Gordon’s label, based on the original drawing made by Luis Gordon when he became custodian of the vaulted cellar and bar in the early 1970s. Bottling begins this week and we should have our cellars stocked by the end of September ready for sale at the bar or through our online shop.

We have teamed up with another long standing family in the wine business, the Pasqua’s from Verona, Italy. Their maxim, wine is the poetry of earth, was suitably encouraging for us to begin exploring their wines! We hope you, too, will enjoy our selection, beginning with a lovely rich Gordon’s Red, a blend of Merlot and Corvina grapes, giving a mellow well structured taste. Our Gordon’s White is a fresh, delicate wine with balanced hints of tropical fruits made from Garganega, a Soave grape of Veneto, and goes perfectly with light food or can be enjoyed on its own.

Do try these wines and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy them!