From: Brooke Mann Esparza
Sent: 23 January 2008 09:39
To: simon@; gerard@
Subject: Thank You, Gordon’s! A Love Story…


Dear Mr Gordon and the GWB family!

I have been a great fan and patron of your wonderful wine bar since I moved to London in 2001 originally, but I never imagined that I would meet my South African fiance there, Marnus, which I did in late September 2007. On Sept 22, a friend and I had decided to go to Gordon’s for an early evening tipple after a day of shopping. By the time we got there that particular Saturday, though, and as would befit your popular venue, all of the seating was taken! So, I proceeded to ask a couple of chaps outside if we might share their table with them, and we spent the rest of the evening drinking SA pinotage and other lovelies with them, not to mention going dancing afterwards. Long story short, that table seated Marnus and his best friend, who is going to be the best man in our wedding next January in South Africa.

So, THANK YOU, Gordon’s, we just wanted to tell you that you have made us both the happiest people alive! We would not have met without your wonderful place, which is truly a gem in the heart of London. We are going to have a little engagement do with our friends at yours the night of 29 Feb, so do come and say hello if you happen to be around.

I have attached a picture of us just in case you wish to see what you have helped to create…our BIG smiles!

Best wishes,

Brooke Mann (‘Marais’ as of 10 Jan. 2009)