From: Gordon Weingarten
Sent: 15 April 2008 17:53
To: Simon Gordon
Subject: Thanks From Another Gordon


Dear Simon,

I am the “Gordon” about whom my friend, Bob Kohrs, wrote to you last month concerning my “sports bar” addition to my home. Well, I finally opened the bar, “Gordy’s Bar – Where every hour is happy hour” – a non-commercial enterprise, by the way, so we are not in competition!!

I invited my best friend, Bob, to help me celebrate this past weekend, and he came loaded with gifts. Which brings me to the point of this missive.

The highlight of the gift ceremony was, of course, the items he got for me from Gordon’s Wine Bar. I know he told you our story: that we arranged to meet at Gordon’s in 1990 after my new fiancee and I had just come from a week in Paris and about to spend a week in London; and Bob and his wife were just finishing a week in London on their way to Paris!! The criss-crossing meeting to take place at Gordon’s Wine Bar had been planned for months and came off without a hitch. I can remember it like it was yesterday: I showed up in my souvenirs of that trip – the beret that I had bought that week in Paris, carrying the umbrella that I had just bought that day at Harrods (perhaps you remember seeing me!!!) Anyway I was smiling, happy (having just got engaged to the woman I was with) and thrilled to be at your bar with my dearest of friends. So you can imagine the emotions that I felt as I looked at those 2 great framed photos that Bob gave me of Gordon’s Wine Bar (the old sepia of the entrance outside, and the bright shot of people and candles in the cave inside) bringing back the memories of that evening years ago – eyes moist from the experience. (A little too emotional for an old fart like me, but that’s the way it was!) And, finally, he game me the package with that great black Gordon’s Wine Bar tee shirt — to be worn as the tender of libations at my new establishment.

Bob shared with me the notes back and forth that you and he had in arranging these wonderful items. Bob shared those notes so that I could see that the tee shirt is, in fact, a gift from you! So, will you please accept my heartfelt thanks for your kindness and generosity in participating in this most enjoyable event for me. My story of our Gordon’s Wine Bar experience has just grown by a chapter! We will, indeed, be sending London-traveling friends to Gordon’s, and I am looking forward to the time when I can return, myself, to London, to Gordon’s and thank you again in person.

Warmest regards,

Gordon Weingarten, Owner

Gordy’s Bar, where every hour is happy hour