From: Matthew D Phillips
Sent: 02 July 2009
To: Simon Gordon
Subject: Gordon’s Wedding Planning



My now wife and I wanted to share a story with you. We live in the States and we became engaged to be married last September, the day we left for a trip to Europe. We had a full day stay in London before moving on to Bulgaria, and we had heard of a great little wine bar called Gordon’s. Around dinner we made our way down your steps into the cellar, ordered a bottle of wine and were lucky enough to grab a table for two.

The atmosphere in your establishment is one for the ages, it truly feels like another time. As we poured the bottle of red we sat down and begin discussing what kind of wedding we would like to have. We ended up planning many of the major pieces right there. As it turns out, we were just married earlier this month, and our reception was in a wine cellar nearly four thousand miles away from yours. We wanted to share with you how your establishment will always be a very specific and special part of our life.

As luck would have it we are heading out to London this afternoon, and this time spending three days. We will be sure to make at least one stop at Gordon’s and if I see a gentleman named Simon, I will introduce myself.

Best Regards,

Matthew and Tea Phillips