My little story for you – I lived and worked in London for a while a few years ago. I had wanted to do so all my life however with three sons to bring up, for many years on my own, I had to wait until they had all grown up. During my fabulous time working in London, one of the many wonderful people I met, was a lovely guy, Patrick, no romance but he introduced me to his two close friends from his schooldays – they were already then in their late 40s and all ‘long term single males’. They are lovely guys with the dryest sense of humour and they met up every Friday and had done for years. They invited me out virtually every single Friday I lived there and often I was able to join them – they became my ‘Friday night boys’. They introduced me to so many wonderful London pubs and bars including yours (my favourite, truly). I often felt like I was on ‘Challenge Anneka’ as I tried to find them in some often obscure places, and sometimes I arrived as the bar was closing!

I eventually returned home (up north) and later got re-married. During my time in London, I introduced others including visiting friends to your bar and these days when visiting London with husband, family or friends (one of my sons still lives down there) try to visit you when I can.