This is an example of some of the very generous gestures our customers make. Richard McIlvenna very kindly sent us 3 lovely old pictures, two of Edward VII and one of King George V and Queen Mary. On the back of the pictures is the inscription “Donated by the McIlvenna family to mark our family association covering four generations”.

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From: Richard McIlvenna
Sent: 06 July 2008 18:06
To: Simon Gordon
Subject: Three Royal Pictures



Just to make contact. I brought in 3 pictures last Tuesday that I had promised Gerard some time ago, as my wife would no longer give them house room

Likewise, I just wanted to say, that I know they aren’t very good so please dispose of one or two or all three as you wish – I don’t want them back!

But having come into Gordon’s since I was a boy and my father before me and now my own wide family too, I felt that Gordon’s would be a good home for them if you wanted them. My son, Oliver, who lives in London, is a frequent imbiber with you.

I will of course, as usual, come in again when next in London but I won’t be surprised or hurt not to see them.

Do keep Gordon’s the way it is and good wishes to you, Gerard and Joan (both of whom I much enjoyed meeting).