From: Vibe Søgaard
Sent: 16 February 2007 13:54
To: Simon Gordon
Subject: SV: Thanks


Hello Simon,

It was an unforgettable experience for me and my 2 girls, Line and Nynne, to meet Joan at Gordon’s the other day.

It was my daughters’ first visit in London. I had been tour guiding them, trying as best I could to open their eyes to the proud history of London and the British Empire – but Joan was the one who made it all come alive! It was a great pleasure and experience for all of us to meet her!

Gordon’s is part of the history which I wanted to present to my girls.

My husband and I used to visit Gordon’s a lot in 1981 when we studied in London. We found your wine bar by following the directions in Henrik V. Ringsted’s book “A little Garden in London”, apparently written in 1949 – and not 1939 as I think I told Joan.

Ringsted wrote something like: ..” when you walk along the river Thames after Charing Cross, look for an unobtrusive door in the wall. If you open that door, you will find a dark and narrow staircase leading down to the vaults below the station. Here is an old wine bar, and it has been there for hundreds of years.” And so on.

As the book was written in 1949, we were truly amazed when we opened that door in the wall in 1981.

Unfortunately, Ringsted’s novel is not translated into English. I’ve been searching my book cases – but I can’t find it. On second thoughts, I may have borrowed it from one of my parents’ friends way back then.

But as you see, both your bar and Ringsted’s description of it have made strong impressions on me and my husband – and now also our girls. Thank you for preserving the place as it is. It will always be on our London programme.

Best regards to you and Joan, whom I hope to be able to introduce my husband to,





Fra: Simon Gordon
Sendt: 16. februar 2007 01:06
Til: Vibe Søgaard
Emne: Thanks


Dear Vibe,

Thank you for giving Joan the name of the Danish author who mentioned Gordon’s wine bar. I couldn’t find the book on the internet because all the sites were in Danish but I’ll mention it on my memories page on the website for interest because we have lots of Danish people coming to the bar!

Best regards,

Simon Gordon