We are thrilled to announce that we have a new and rather delicious Bordeaux to add to our Gordon’s label stable of wines on offer both at the bar and shortly through our online shop;

Château Canevelle Bordeaux Supérieur, a rather elegant and fruity red!

Here is the story behind Chateau Canevelle. We have for some time wanted to find a particular Claret suited to Gordon’s and one we felt would be particularly enjoyed by our customers. Many months and much discussion took place between ourselves, our suppliers and numerous private vineyards until we found, and tasted, a wine that fitted the bill. With the invaluable help of Shailen from Cranbrook Wines and Mariette Abovici we have sourced something we think you will savour and enjoy.

Château Canevelle is located in the small village of Loubens, Entre-Deus -Mers within the Bordeaux region and the domain is owned and run by Chantal Jourdain and her brother Eric Morel. It is a vineyard of 30 ha, with a combination of vines including Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1960 Chantal’s parents, Beatrice and Rene Morel, Swiss by origin, fell in love with this lovely domain which overlooks the Dropt Valley. The area is perfect for nature lovers, with a lot of protected species (orchids, dragonflies,butterflies,…) and is now registered in an ecological program (Natura 2000).

This private and carefully run domain has developed a great wine which, in wine parlance, has a nose of forest fruits and some spices. It is smooth, medium-bodied and generous. Elegant and fruity with a vibrant finish. Why not try it and compare notes?!