New Year’s Eve: 5.00 p.m. – 2.00 a.m.

On New Year’s Eve we shall be opening pretty much as normal and will not be taking bookings. All you need to do is arrive as early as you can and grab a table as usual – however, this is important . . .
Please bring along a printout of the NYE 2014 Customer Letter┬áto show you are Gordon’s customers and also to get you through the security for the event organisers if they ask where you are going! (we don’t want any old Tom Dick or Harry coming in and spoiling the evening with thuggish behaviour!). We recommend you check the Transport for London website for travel and access information before you set off and information from the Mayor’s Office for access information.

There will be extra special food and lots of Champagne, including our newly stocked Champagne Gerard Loriot, and our lighter new Prosecco from the house of Pasqua, all at our usual prices – it should be a great evening and you will get a wonderful view of the fireworks from our terrace without having to fight your way through crowds of onlookers (except our other customers hopefully!!). Inside we will be playing some music and you can dance to your heart’s content.

So please do come along anytime from 5pm onwards until 2am(ish) and have a fabulous evening!