GORDON’S prides itself on retaining its traditional, old school and independent feel but behind the scenes we like to move forward, especially where good new wines are concerned. Much effort is spent exploring new wines, learning about new techniques in the wine making industry and then carefully selecting the best of the wines on offer.

There are some exiting new developments in the wine industry and we are proud to support this movement. Formerly niched wines, produced sustainably and organically, with sensitivity to the environment and even with regards to the bio-dynamics of the earth, are now being brought to the mainstream.

There is no doubt that growing wines organically promotes biodiversity, reduces carbon dioxide and makes for a healthier wine. This advance is leading to better grapes and so perhaps to better tasting wines. Join Gordon’s supporting and celebrating this movement and try something from our new range of wines.



MOST of us think of wine as simply fermented grape juice. But many wines use animal products as additives. Egg whites, gelatin, milk products or proteins derived from fish are used as a fining agent to improve clarity. Tiny traces of the fining agent may be absorbed into the wine during this process therefore making it unsuitable for vegans. Fortunately an increasing number of wine producers are using vegan-friendly charcoal or like Yealands wine below, a potato derived fining agent. If you are vegan, we have selected two delicious wines especially for you to enjoy with us at Gordon’s.


Yealands Sauvignon Blanc 2015

(Marlborough. NEW ZEALAND) 12.5% ABV

Pure fruit flavours of guava, blackcurrant leaf, fresh herbs, layered with bright citrus notes. Winner of the International Wine & Spirits Competition ‘Best Sauvignon Blanc’ in 2015.


Primera Luz Merlot 2015 

(Central Valley, CHILE) 13% ABV

A fresh wine with an appealing raspberry and strawberry nose, light and juicy on the palate bursting with forest fruit.



ABSOLUTE SULPHITE-FREE wine does not exist as sulphites occur naturally during the fermentation process. However more sulphites are often added as a preservative and to prevent oxidation. Higher sulphite content wines are likely to be less suitable for those of us who suffer from allergic and intolerant reactions (asthma, migraine, itching, respiratory and skin disorders). We can now offer a red wine with very minimal amounts of sulphite.


Toscar Tempranillo 2015


Complex nose with notes of rose, strawberry and forest fruits. Delicately floral, perfumed yet persistent on the palate, this is like Barolo at its best.




BIO-DYNAMIC grape growing and the wines they produce takes organic wine a stage further. Bio-dynamic agriculture adopts organic practices but also incorporates philosophy and cosmology. The soil is seen as part of a connected system with the Earth, the air and the Moon determining when vines are planted and pruned and when grapes are harvested. The wines are found to have better expressions of ‘terroir’, the way in which a wine represents its specific place of origin in its aroma, flavor, and texture. Only natural yeasts are used and no artificial adjustments are made.

We are glad to be able to introduce you to our new bio-dynamic wines from Gérard Bertrand, one of the top wine makers of France.


Naturalys Viognier 

(Languedoc, FRANCE) 13.5% ABV

Made from 100% Viognier organically grown, 6 months in oak to add complexity and finesse. Lots of peachy rope fruit, great freshness and crisp acidity.


Naturalys Merlot

(Languedoc, FRANCE) 13.5% ABV

A supple and aromatic attack on the palate, fusing beautifully with the fruity notes in the nose. A smooth and elegant structure, with soft tannin.