Gordon’s Mini 5-Litre Barrel

Gordon’s Mini 5-Litre Barrel

These barrels hold a little under 5 litres and have an internal storage bag so your port can be kept fresh for the odd glass whenever you feel like it. Fill them up by removing the front tap and filling them with whatever your favourite tipple is and they act like an upmarket wine box!

If you want to fill it with Gordon’s house tawny port you can do so at the knockdown price of £25 per litre so a 4 litre barrel of port would cost you £150. What a great present for a Gordon’s port lover!

Delivery can be arranged but we will need to quote depending on where you are (UK only). If possible it is better to collect it from the bar and we can then fill it for you and have the barrel boxed up and ready for you when you arrive.

Place your order and we will get back to you to arrange all the details.

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Price: £40.00
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