At Gordon’s we are very lucky to have built up strong relationships with a number of our long-standing wine suppliers and growers. Over the years we have had wonderful occasions to visit some of these vineyards, and this year we have taken up two fantastic invitations. The months of January and February allow us to take advantage of somewhat quieter periods in the business and so we have taken the time to visit the odd vineyard!

Grover Zampa, India



I was very kindly invited by Shailen Patel, of Cranbrook Wines UK, and Kapil Grover, of Grover Zampa Winery India, to tour their beautiful vineyard on the outskirts of Bengaluru. For the past ten years or so we have sold Grovers La Réserve, a wonderful rich red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz – which we later enjoyed with the carefully spiced foods of Bangalore.

Driving through the lush sub tropical countryside we passed many grape-growing fields where they are traditionally grown on overhead supports to produce table grapes. The fields of Grover Zampa appear in dramatic, verdant contrast where traditional European vineyard practices have been adopted, tested, trialled and adapted over 30 years to create their own unique stocks of successful and productive vines.

Having seen the vineyards in the beauty of late afternoon sun we tasted a variety of delicious, light sparkling wines. Curiosity piqued me when I spotted a life sized stuffed toy tiger in garden! Kapil smiled and duly noted, “It’s to keep the monkeys away!”

Our tour of the winery followed, hosted by visiting French wine maker, Mathias Pellisard. He, along with Karishma Grover, Kapil’s daughter, will ensure that the new vintage is up to scratch. Having seen the impressive wine making plant we descended to the cellar for a proper tasting, only to be locked in accidentally by the night security – what a place for a lock in!!

IMG_9735    IMG_9733


Mattias Pellisard, Kapil Grover and me – before the lock in(!)

20170131_184601 2    20170131_185708

Real Rubio, Rioja, Spain


Meanwhile, Gerard and Laszlo were enjoying the warm hospitality of Enrique Torrecilla at Real Rubio in the heart of Rioja, Spain. With their wonderful selection of Rioja wines, including some superb organically grown wines.

The following pictures tell the story of the visit . . .

IMG-20170221-WA0008   IMG-20170221-WA0009

IMG-20170221-WA0007   IMG-20170221-WA0012

IMG-20170221-WA0010   IMG-20170221-WA0006