With the ‘Beast from the East’ upon us, snow flurries and freezing weather making our toes curl, now is the perfect time to try some ‘bottled sunshine’, warm your souls and bring a glow to your cheeks. We have some fantastic specials on our boards.

For the French, and the Francophiles among you, you may know this rare, delicious French vin Jaune – a sherry like wine, similar to a Fino. At £28 a bottle and with a rich, smooth taste, at 14.5% ABV, you can settle in for a cosy evening and forget the Beast outside!

On lighter note we have some great reds to try, the Berton Durif Petite Sirah 2016 (£27.75) – tannic and spicy, or something very different from Turkey, the lovely light and dry 2015 Buzbag (£28.30). If white is your preference we now have a very tasty and somewhat unusual white Côte du Rhône Village (£28.70).