Celebrating our 125th year LONDON’S OLDEST WINE BAR
Est. 1890

Wine list

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NEW: Gordon’s Veneto Red  ● Glass £5.10 Bottle £18.40

(ITALY. Merlot, Corvina) 12% ABV

Softest tannins, ripe red fruits and cherry aromas.

Very smooth and easy drinking

Vin de Pays Rouge ● Glass £5.10 Bottle £18.40

(FRANCE. Syrah, Merlot) 12.5% ABV

Fruity, easy drinking and medium bodied Gordon’s house wine.

Chianti Conti Serristori  ● Glass £5.60 Bottle £20.30
(ITALY. Sangiovese) 13% ABV

Dry and medium bodied with classic bitter cherry fruit aromas, and gentle tannins.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Bove Glass ● £5.75 Bottle £21.00
(ITALY. Montepulciano) 12.5% ABV

Juicy cherry and black fruits, dry and backed with acidity. Easy, approachable classic Italian red, perfect with charcuterie and cheese.

Fat Bastard Pinot Noir ● Glass £6.00 Bottle £22.00
(FRANCE. Pinot Noir) 13% ABV

Full of juicy red fruits, medium bodied and easy to drink.

Beaujolais Domain Romany ● Glass £6.60 Bottle £24.25
(FRANCE. Gemay) 12.5% ABV

Gushingly full of juicy strawberry and rasberry jam flavours, ripe fruit on the palate. Try slightly chilled.

Rioja Lanzado Joven ● Glass £6.20 Bottle £22.50
(SPAIN. Tempranillo) 13% ABV

Medium bodied with gentle touches of spice, vanilla and strawberry fruit.

Bairrada Tinto ● Glass £5.60 Bottle £20.30
(PORTUGAL. Baraida 100%) 13% ABV

Attractive, juicy red fruits, with gentle spicy oak and supple tannins. From the very well known Messias family.

Cotes Du Rhone, Vignes Du Prince ● Glass £5.90 Bottle £21.50
(FRANCE. Grenache, Syrah) 14% ABV

Full flavoured with ripe red fruits and medium body, with a spicy finish.

Andes Peak Carmenere ● Glass £5.40 Bottle £19.00
(CHILE. Carmenere)13.5% ABV

Medium bodied, with flavours of ripe damsons and intense bramble fruit, with savoury notes, leather, spice and clove.

Malbec Trivento ● Glass £5.60 Bottle £20.30
(ARGENTINA. Malbec) 14% ABV

Brimming with black fruits, soft and very approachable, well appreciated.

Fabulous Ant Pinot Noir ● Glass £6.60 Bottle £23.50
(HUNGARY. Pinot Noir 100%) 13% ABV

Deep ruby coloured fruity aroma with hints of black cherries perfect with cheeses to bring out the flavour.

Nero D’Avola ● Glass £5.85 Bottle £21.50
(SICILY. Nero D’Avola) 13% ABV

Full of plum, dark cherry and spice, deliciously fruity and fairly tannic.

La Reserve ● Glass £6.10 Bottle £22.40
(INDIA. Cabarnet Sauvignon) 12% ABV

Richly fruity with fresh berry fruit and a good concentration of well integrated soft tannins. Prepare to be surprised.

Cabernet Franc No. 2 The Avery ● Glass £6.55 Bottle £24.00
(USA. Cabernet Franc) 12.5% ABV

Smooth, medium bodied, well balanced dark fruit with classic leafy tones.

Chateau Hautes Graves d’Arthus Grand Cru ● Bottle £38.00
(FRANCE. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon) 14.5% ABV

Super smooth plum and blackberry fruit with toasted oak. Hints of dark spices and liquorice on the palate.

Nipozzano Chianti Rufina Riversa ● Bottle £43.50
(ITALY. Sangiovese, Merlot) 13.5% ABV

From a beautiful estate owned by the prestigious Frescobaldi family, made predominantly from Sangiovese grape with great elegance and balance.

Concha y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon ● Glass £5.20 Bottle £18.60
(CHILE. Cabernet Sauvignon) 12.5% ABV

Rich blackcurrants and red berry flavours with gentle tannins.

Boundary Line Shiraz ● Glass £5.50 Bottle £20.00
(AUSTRALIA. Shiraz 100%) 13.5% ABV

Very approachable, fruit-driven style, medium bodied with a touch of spice.

Chateau Canevelle ● Glass £6.30 Bottle £22.90
(BORDEAUX SUPERIORE. Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cab Sav) 12.8% ABV

Fleshy spft and feminine, fruity and oaky; black current, prune and spicy aromas PRIVATE CHATEAU

False Bay Pinotage Western Cape ● Glass £5.80 Bottle £21.00
(SOUTH AFRICA. Pinotage) 14% ABV

Smokey and spicy. Berry fruits with rich, smokey and bitter fruit flavours that are just great with barbequed foods.

Lebanon Red ● Glass £6.50 Bottle £23.50
(Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Merlot and Syrah) 14% ABV

From the time of the Phoenicians this wine has been grown over the Bekaa valley, it offers very good structure and smooth ripe tannins with a hint of black cherries.

Echeverria Merlot Reserva ● Bottle £27.50
(CHILE. Merlot) 14% ABV

Purple red with intense aromas of red fruit swet plum, and a note of chocolate vanilla. Aged 12 months in oak barrels.

Viña Real Crianza ● Glass £7.00 Bottle £26.00
(SPAIN. Tempranillo) 13.5% ABV

Intense black cherry accompanied by vanilla fragrance. It is smooth and elegantly balanced and leaves a delicious lingering after taste.

Chateau Moulin des Graves St Emilion ● Bottle £31.20
(FRANCE. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon) 13% ABV

Powerful spicy nose with grades of crushed fresh fruits. A velvety harmonious wine with mellow tannins

Viña Pomal (Reserva) Rioja ● Bottle £31.50
(SPAIN. 100% Tempranillo) 14% ABV

18 months aged wine and a further 2 years in bottle full of red fruits and a savoury, tobacco and spicy character.

Dona Paula Estate Bottle ● £29.00
(ARGENTINA. 100% Malbec) 14% ABV

Intense violet colour, plum, black cherries, licorice and dried herbs aromas, round and ample in the mouth with a lingering finish.

Louis Jadot Cotes de Beaune Village ● Bottle 40.00
(FRANCE. 100% Pinot Noir) 13% ABV

From the heart of Burgundy and produced by one of its leading producers. Pale garnet and evolving mellow strawberry flavours, with grippy tannins and a long finish. Oak aged for 12 months.

Clos du Val Zinfadel Napa Valley ● Bottle £50.50
(CALIFORNIA. 100% Zinfadel) 14% ABV

Luscious wine with deep ruby red hue, brambly and a cranberry note of spice, black pepper and cherry marry aromas with silky mouth feel and moderate tannins.

Yalumba Barossa Patchwork Shiraz ● Bottle £39.50
(AUSTRALIA. 100% Shiraz) 13.5% ABV

Dense dark purple red, aromas of mixed, fresh bright berry, fruit compote. Dark plum and violet intermingled with a savoury complexity. Full bodied.

Corton Grand Cru Domaine Latour ● Bottle £58.50
(FRANCE. 100% Pinot Noir) 14% ABV

Ruby red with a bouquet of ripe red fruits and spicy notes. A very lengthy wine on the palate, highly recommended.

NEW: Gordon’s Veneto White ● Glass £5.10 Bottle £18.40
(ITALY. Garganega) 12.0% ABV

A fresh, delicate white wine with hints of tropical fruits.

Vin de Pays Blanc ● Glass £5.10 Bottle £18.40
(FRANCE. Colombard, Ugni Blanc) 12.5% ABV

Dry, clean and refreshing (Ask for a dash of Crème de Cassis to make a perfect Kir)

Concha Y Toro Sauvignon Blanc ● Glass £5.20 Bottle £18.60
(CHILE. Sauvignon Blanc) 12% ABV

Light, floral aromas, refreshing with green and citrus fruit.

Pinot Grigio ● Glass £5.30 Bottle £19.25
(ITALY. Pinot Grigio) 12% ABV

A dry, light, and crisp wine with lemon and apple fruit.

Kronenberg Riesling ● Glass £6.15 Bottle £22.50
(The blue bottle!) (GERMANY. Riesling) 10% ABV

Off dry but with good balancing acidity, honeyed apple fruit and raisins.

Paarl Heights Chenin Blanc ● Glass £5.25 Bottle £18.80

Crisp and well-balanced wine combining tropical and citrus fruit flavours.

El Coto White Rioja ● Glass £6.15 Bottle £22.50
(SPAIN. Viura) 12% ABV

Vibrant fresh and crisp green fruits and zingy acidity, very elegant.

Trivento Viognier ● Glass £5.70 Bottle £20.50
(ARGENTINA. Viognier) 12.5% ABV

Seductively aromatic with apricots and peaches. Well-balanced acidity, not too dry, and an elegant finish with honey.

Umbrele ● Glass £6.00 Bottle £22.00
(ROMANIA. Sauvignon Blanc) 13.5% ABV

Deliciously refreshing wine with zesty citrus character and a hint of exotic fruit.

Andes Peak Chardonnay ● Glass £5.40 Bottle £19.50
(CHILE. Chardonnay) 13% ABV

Light yellow colour with aromas of pineapple, peaches, herbal and mineral notes. Perfect with salmon.

Chateau Chanteloup ● Glass £6.15 Bottle £22.50
(FRANCE BORDEAUX. Semillon Sauvignon) 12% ABV

Elegant, with floral nose and pear and grapefruit aromas, still crisp, a great white from Bordeaux.

Fat Bastard Chardonnay ● Glass £5.90 Bottle £21.50
(FRANCE. Chardonnay) 13.5% ABV

Citrus, mineral with biscuity, creamy texture, and a balanced acidity.

Muscadet de Sevre et Maine Sur Lie La Griffe ● Glass £6.40 Bottle £23.40
(FRANCE. Muscadet) 12% ABV

Refreshingly dry, zesty and crisp from Lie with green apple and lemon, from one of the most prestigious producers.

Sauvignon de Touraine ● Glass £6.15 Bottle £22.50
(FRANCE. Sauvignon Blanc) 12.5% ABV

Dry aromatic, herbaceous and refreshing. From the chalky clay soil of Touraine. An inexpensive alternative to Sancerre.

Vinho Verde Santola ● Glass £5.75 Bottle £20.50
(PORTUGAL. 100% Alvarino) 9% ABV

Ripe tropical aromas, very fresh and fruity with a lovely bouquet, pleasant finish. A classic Verde.

Vouvray Les Coteaux Demi Sec ● Glass £6.85 Bottle £25.50
(FRANCE. Chenin Blanc) 12% ABV

Medium dry, with delicious baked apples and a hint of honey backed with a streak of acidity that makes it refreshing and balanced.

Saint Claire Sauvignon Blanc ● Bottle £33.50
(NEW ZEALAND. Sauvignon Blanc) 13.5% ABV

Aromas of ripe lime and grapefruit, nectarine, papaya and mango and floral notes of orange blossom, gooseberry and sweet fennel are striking. From one of the most awarded wineries.

Grovers Sauvignon Blanc ● Glass £6.25 Bottle £22.90
(INDIA. Sauvignon Blanc) 14% ABV

Delicately exotic, light, aromatic, grassy and fruity with hints of apple, lemon and peach.

Gavi Tenimenti ● Glass £6.60 Bottle £24.00

(ITALY. Cortese) 12% ABV

A bright clean and crisp wine with apple and mineral notes, refreshing and perfect as an aperitif with salad or fish.

Lebanon White ● Glass £6.50 Bottle £23.50
(BLENDED. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Muscat and Obeideh) 13% ABV

From the time of the Phoenicians this wine has been grown over the Bekka valley, a fresh blend of subtle aromas of tropical fruits and nuts, mild on the palate with a note of almond.

Secret Viu Manent ● Bottle £31.50
(CHILE. Viognier) 14% ABV

Intense aromas of peach, apricot and pear with light citrus and floral notes; outstanding Viognier.

Yalumba Riesling ● Glass £6.85 Bottle £25.50
(AUSTRALIA. Riesling) 11.5% ABV

Positively dry, with lime and tangy marmalade flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough ● Bottle £24.50
(NEW ZEALAND. Sauvignon Blanc) 12.5% ABV

Bursting with gooseberry and greengage fruit and minerality. Classic in your face Kiwi style!

Sancerre ● Bottle £34.30
(FRANCE. Sauvignon Blanc) 12.5% ABV

Very dry and refreshing with green fruits and intense minerality from the chalky clay soil.

Saint Veran Louis Latour ● Bottle £36.50
(FRANCE. Chardonnay) 13% ABV

From the Maconnais in Burgundy, rich and buttery, with a wonderful concentration of ripe citrus fruit. Gently oaked and a great mouth feel and finish.

Chablis 1er Cru ● Bottle £42.50
(FRANCE. 100% Chardonnay) 12.5% ABV

Very aromatic bouquet, floral (acacia) and rose petals. Accompanied by a light aroma of vanilla, round in the mouth with a touch of acidity to keep it fresh.

Frescobaldi Family ● Bottle £33.50
(ITALY, TUSCANY. Vermentino) 13% ABV

Wonderful aromas of peach and apricot with great richness and elegance, stunning winery.

Moutard Cuvée Prestige ● Flute £12.65 Bottle £48.50
(FRANCE. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir) 12% ABV

Creamy, biscuity and citrusy, baked apples in a glass. Award winning Champagne.

Moutard Prestige Rosé ● Flute £12.65 Bottle £48.50
(FRANCE. Pinot Noir) 12% ABV

A lovely delicate colour of salmon pink, with aromas of strawberry fruit, good acidity and mouth filling bubbly richness.

Gérard Loriot Cuvée Tradition ● Flute £11.50 Bottle £45.00
(FRANCE. Pinot Meunier) 12% ABV

From a small and exclusive family run vineyard this specially selected Champagne is of exceptional quality. With a rich golden colour it is floral and fruity on the palate with a smooth and beautiful aftertaste.

Prosecco Treviso Pasqua Glass £6.85 Bottle £25.50
(ITALY. Prosecco) 11% ABV

A bright pale yellow with ribbons of bubbles. Gently floral with a mixture of peach, pear and tropical fruit notes. Lightly off dry fora refreshing and easy going flavour.

Anna de Codorniu Cava Glass £6.85 Bottle £26.50
(SPAIN. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir) 11.5% ABV

Citrus, apple and toasted flavours with a good creamy finish.

Bucks Fizz Glass £7.10

Kir Royale Glass £7.40

Anna de Codorniu Rosé Cava ● Glass £6.85 Bottle £26.50
(SPAIN. Pinot Noir) 12%ABV

Cava made using the traditional method, fresh strawberries and lively acidity.

Fat Bastard Brut Blanc de Blanc Glass £7.00 Bottle 26.50
(FRANCE. Our favourite brand 100% Chardonnay) 11.5% ABV

Traditional method, pale green colour, fine bubbles from 100% Chardonnay which give a delicate blossom to fresh toasty aromas.

Messias Douro Rosé ● Glass £5.45 Bottle £19.75

Clean, refreshing summer drink.

Fat Bastard Rosé ● Glass £5.90 Bottle £21.50
(FRANCE. Syrah) 12.5% ABV

Ripe strawberry with lively refreshing acidity, rounded on the palate.

Cotes de Provence ● Glass £6.50 Bottle £24.00
(FRANCE. Grenache, Rolle, Syrah) 13% ABV

Beautiful classic rosé with strawberry and gentle fruit flavours. Delicate, coral pink, full of strawberry fruit, balanced with refreshing acidity (a favourite rosé).

(SPAIN. Palomino)

From the barrels…

Fino ● Schooner £4.20 Beaker £5.00
(dry) 15% ABV

Amontillado ● Schooner £4.45 Beaker £5.40
(medium dry) 17.5% ABV

Rich Cream ● Schooner £4.45 Beaker £5.40
(sweet) 17.5% ABV 


Manzanilla Barbadillo ● Schooner £4.30 Beaker £5.25 Bottle £23.50
15% ABV

Dry Oloroso Schooner £4.45 Beaker £5.40 Bottle £24.50
18% ABV

(MADEIRA. Local grapes) 19% ABV

Gordon’s Blended Madeira ● Schooner £5.95 Beaker £7.10
(from the barrel)

Henriques and Henriques Madeiras ● Schooner £6.00 Beaker £7.20 Bottle £31.50
(sweet, medium, medium dry, special dry)

As our selection of dessert wines varies habitually please check our blackboards at the bar for the latest offering.

(PORTUGAL. Local grapes)

From the wood…

Gordon’s Old Wood Tawny ● Schooner £5.10 Beaker £6.20
19.5% ABV


Gordon’s Ruby ● Schooner £5.85 Beaker £7.00 Bottle £32.50
19.5% ABV

Dry White Port ● Schooner £5.85 Beaker £7.00 Bottle £32.50
19.5% ABV

Sweet White Port ● Schooner £6.00 Beaker £7.10 Bottle £33.50
20% ABV

Messias 10 Year Old Port ● Schooner £9.35 Beaker £11.10 Bottle £52.50
20% ABV

Warres Otima 10 Year Old ● Schooner £8.80 Beaker £11.10 Bottle £32.50
(50cl) 20% ABV

Messias Colheita 1985 ● Schooner £14.60 Beaker £17.60 Bottle £85.50
20% ABV


Gordon’s Wine Bar is not only famous for its premier wine list but also for its wide ranging cheese selection. With over twenty cheeses to choose from you will be truly spoilt for choice!

Served from 12.00 – 10.00 p.m.

All Cheese boards come with bread, butter and pickles.

1 cheese slice £6.00, 2 cheese slices £10.50 or 3 cheese slices £15.00

(v) – vegetarian; (u) – unpasteurised

Cheese Selection:

Brie (v)
FRANCE. A mild, soft cheese. A timeless classic and a Gordon’s favourite.
Wine Pairing: this mild cheese will pair heavenly with the fruity Andes Peak Chardonnay.

FRANCE. Goat cheese, soft with a tarty flavour.
Wine Pairing: a tip from our lovely lady behind the cheese counter: add bubbles to goat cheese – Anna de Codorniu Cava.

LINCOLNSHIRE, UK. Strong, mature cheddar with a hard, black wax coating which gives it a buttery and creamy consistency.

ITALY. This medium, soft cheese has a pungent aroma yet is surprisingly medium to mild in strength.
Wine Pairing: The creamy, smooth texture pairs well with our blue bottle Riesling.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UK. Traditional, semi-hard cheese made with chives and spring onions which gives it a very aromatic taste.

NETHERLANDS. Young, mild and creamy cheese, medium-hard in consistency.
Wine Pairing: goes down beautifully with our Pinot Grigio.

Smoked Cheddar (v)
SOMERSET, UK. Applewood cheddar with paprika and smoked aromas. With its absolutely smooth texture it is highly addictive!

Mature Cheddar (v)
CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK. From Croxton Manor this full flavour mature cheddar is a staple cheese on our wooden plates.

Emmentaler (u)
SWITZERLAND. A mild, savoury cheese that’s famous for its many wholes.
Wine Pairing: made to be savoured along with the fruity Beaujolais Domain Romany.

Gruyère (u)
SWITZERLAND. A sweet yet salty hard cheese with a distinctive but subtle taste.

Stilton (v)
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, UK. Classic English blue cheese, it has a very strong, slightly acidic flavour and a crumbly texture.
Wine Pairing: for a truly decadent experience why not pair it with Port?

ITALY. A milder and creamier version of the Stilton this blue is exceptionally indulgent.

Manchego (u)
SPAIN. Sheep cheese from La Mancha region. Compact and dry in consistency with a distinct, sharp taste.
Wine Pairing: try it with our Tempranillo for a Quixotic experience.

FRANCE. Mild, soft and creamy with a slightly more aged flavour than Brie, another popular choice.
Wine Pairing: best enjoyed with a Cabernet Sauvignon, we recommend the Lebanon Red.

Saint Nectaire
FRANCE. Dense and silky texture with a nutty aroma and a semi-hard, pâte like consistency.

Fleur du Maquis
CORSICA, FR. Fresh sheep cheese with a dense consistency covered in aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, fresh sweet chillies.
Wine Pairing: a summery cheese will combine well with a summery wine, we think it tastes divine with our favourite rosé – Côtes de Provance.

Isle of Avalon
SURREY, UK. Sticky fingers are a must with this strong, smelly meaty soft cheese. The process begins with a Port Salut, which is then washed in wine at James Aldridge’s dairy in Godstone. One of those rare instances of British gooeiness.

We offer a wide range of homemade cold plates, including our best kept secret recipe for Pork Pie and Scotch Eggs!

Available from 12.00 – 10.00 p.m.

Pork Pie Salad  £8.80

Poached Salmon Salad  £8.50

Smoked Salmon Salad  £8.50

Roast Beef Salad • £8.50

Scotch Egg Salad • £7.90

Jamón Serrano* and Bread • £7.50

Pâté8 and Bread • £5.90

Organic Cured Pork Sausage* and Bread • £5.90

Peppers Stuffed with Feta Cheese* and Bread • £5.00

Houmous* and Bread • £4.90

Cold plates are served with salad unless marked *

*Served with bread and pickles

Salad Bowl • £4.90

Extra Portion of Bread • £1.80

Hot Plates

A variety of hot plates are served every Monday to Saturday from 12.30 until 3 o’clock. The menu varies on the basis of fresh produce, availability and, of course, the chef’s fancy. We offer six different dishes: one chicken, one beef, one lamb, one pork, one fish and one vegetarian option.

All dishes are served with salad and rice OR potatoes.

Prices start at £9.00


Every evening, Monday through to Saturday from 6.00 – 9.00 p.m.; a wide range of finger food to share is offered.

£5.50 one portion • £17.50 four portions

Sunday Roast

On Sundays our very own Tony brings you his traditional Sunday Roast with a selection of lamb, beef, chicken or pork with mashed potatoes, a vegetable side and Yorkshire pudding.


Gordon’s Grill

We offer during the warmer months a special outside menu. Located in the middle of our terrace we serve food between 12 noon and 3 o’clock and 5 to 9 o’clock in the evening, Thursday through to Sunday.

Rib-eye Steak
With caramelized onions served in toasted focaccia bread.

With bacon, onions, tomato and pickle served in toasted flaguette bread.

Chicken Chorizo
With roasted red pepper in toasted focaccia bread.

With onions in toasted focaccia bread.

Grilled Haloumi
With roasted red pepper and aubergine pate in toasted focaccia bread.

Jumbo Hot Dog
With onions served in toasted focaccia bread.

£2.50; w/sandwich £2.00


Gordon’s Wine Bar is thought to be the oldest wine bar in London having been established in 1890. Walking down the creaking stairs you will be able to experience a Dickensian London. Faded (by time) wooden walls covered in historical newspaper cuttings, memorabilia pops-up here and there and then through to the cellar, where only candles light the cavernous room with its rickety tables and chairs. Yet, for all its tight quarters inside if you take a step back outside you can enjoy a spacious terrace surrounded by history and green on Watergate Walk. And that is the key to Gordon’s, a fully functional contradiction. From light and airy, to dark and cosy. From the full immersion into another era to being served by an emerging DJ with tattoos running all the way up his arm and ending who knows where. The monarchy rules the walls of Gordon’s Wine Bar, yet as any regular customer knows, it’s complete anarchy that dominates. The older, distinguished gentleman who has just stepped out of the office can be found mingling with the young tourists who are looking for insider tips. The bar is loved by everyone, because it has something to offer to each and every one of its customers.

The award winning wine list is varied and full of interesting wines at very reasonable prices. Sherries, Madeiras and Ports are served from the barrel. Food comes in proper portions ranging from homemade pies to wonderfully mature cheeses.

Arthur Gordon, the previous owner of the bar, was one of the few remaining “free vintners” who were able to set up and sell wines anywhere without applying for a license as a result of Edward III’s Charter to them in 1364 – granted as a result of Edward’s financial embarrassment at being unable to repay a loan made by the vintners to him some years earlier.

Kipling House, in which the bar is situated, was home to Samuel Pepys in the 1680’s and more recently (1820) was occupied by Minier & Fair, a firm of seedsmen who used it as a warehouse. This came to an abrupt end, when in 1864, the river was embanked and the warehouse became landlocked, following which it was turned into accommodation and Gordon’s Wine Bar began its life. Rudyard Kipling lived in the building in the 1890’s as a tenant.

The bar has many associations with the literary and theatrical fields. In the room overhead Rudyard Kipling wrote ‘The Light That Failed’ and both he and Chesterton wrote some of their works in the little parlour of the Wine Bar. Previously the original Player’s Theatre stood almost directly opposite, and the bar was (and of course still is) patronised by many illustrious thespians.

To explore in more depth the history of Gordon’s Wine Bar why not browse our timeline?

View our Timeline here

Read some of our customer’s memories of Gordon’s here.

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Here is a selection of articles that have featured Gordon’s Wine Bar. If you know of any interesting articles or excerpts from books please let us know!

You may also know that Gordon’s nearly closed in the 1990s due to the huge upheavals in Villiers Street but managed to hang on thanks to the help and support of many of our stalwart customers. Here are some of the articles and papers at the time:

What’s on


Berton Vineyards Wine Tasting

THURSDAY 21st MAY FROM 5 PM Big wines from Australia’s Berton Vineyards. A selection of Berton’s great summer wines will be available to taste on the terrace from 5.00 p.m.

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Celebrating Gordon’s 125th Year!

For 125 years Gordon’s Wine Bar has been pouring great wines and ports and serving it’s famous home made pork pies and food along with traditional cheeses and crusty French

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47 Villiers Street



Please see our ‘Make a Reservation’ link below

We are open seven days a week, except Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Our opening hours from Monday to Saturday are 11.00a.m. – 11.00 p.m. Sunday’s from 12.00 noon until 10.00 p.m.

Please see below for reservations. As you will know if you have visited Gordon’s, we get very busy, so we have had to come up with strict booking guidelines to make sure there is no favouritism! These are:

  • The “Cage” (the old wine cellar, which holds around 10 people) can be booked now for arrivals before 12.45pm at lunch and for arrivals before 4.30pm in the evening (after which you can stay until we close!)
  • No bookings at other times – just get here early! *
  • We don’t ask for a deposit or booking fee but please that bookings must be for at least 8 people.
  • You can book for the lunchtime session, or the evening session, or both.
  • You must arrive by the following times or we will remove the “booked” notice: Lunchtime session – 12.45pm, and Evening session – 4.30pm

By special arrangement we can accommodate larger parties on our terrace on Watergate Walk. Please contact us via General Enquiries for details.

Thank you so much for your fantastic support of Gordon’s and we look forward to welcoming you at the bar.

*Although we are very busy, we do have tables outside that seat 80, which our wonderfully loyal customers use as long as it isn’t raining too hard! Inside, if you arrive at around 4.00pm you can normally bag a table, but even after that you can normally find somewhere to perch if you persevere. Don’t be afraid to ask to share a table – all our customers are lovely friendly people.

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Gordon’s is located at 47 Villiers Street, just up from Embankment tube station.
Right next door to Charing Cross and a stroll across Hungerford bridge from Waterloo.

For a detailed guide on how to get access to Gordon’s please click here: AccessibilityGordons.

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